I love anchovies by Delicius to make delicious appetizers #iloveanchovies

Delicius is Delicious!!! As my followers know i cook often, i organize small parties for my friends and @EatWith guests, i cook for my boyfriend and also for myself when i’m alone and there is an indispensable ingredient (in addiction to Extra Virgin Olive Oil)    to make my simple recipes so tasty and remarkable: […] Read more…

home accessories collection

Tea, cake and the story of MarinaC, my fav home accessories collection #tabletales

I love foodlovers, i love to spend time around the table with new and old friends to talk about their stories, business and of course recipes. Every time something interesting happens, every time I enjoy a different tale for my collection of #tabletales A  couple of weeks ago i met a super charming woman, Marina […] Read more…

Kale Salad

Best Kale Salad, super seasonal&fancy #yeswekale

Yesterday a friend of mine (she has also a wonderful blog organized a natural cooking class with a wonderful naturopath and nutritional therapist Susanna Villa. I’m into healthy food, conscious eating and “raw&vegetarian lifestyle” since 15 years (even if i don’t follow strictly any diet) and i’ve followed many courses and classes related to […] Read more…

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