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vegetarian meatballs

How to make Vegetarian “meatballs” that everybody will love #easyrecipes

Vegetarian “meatballs” better called polpette are one of my signature dishes…in fact is one of the simplest and quickest recipes i know, but the success is guaranteed. From my nieces to my husband (which unfortunately doesn’t eat many vegetables), from my friends to my eatwith guests, everybody loves it! Here the ingredients for 4/6 people […] Read more…

Kale Salad

Best Kale Salad, super seasonal&fancy #yeswekale

Yesterday a friend of mine (she has also a wonderful blog organized a natural cooking class with a wonderful naturopath and nutritional therapist Susanna Villa. I’m into healthy food, conscious eating and “raw&vegetarian lifestyle” since 15 years (even if i don’t follow strictly any diet) and i’ve followed many courses and classes related to […] Read more…

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