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For 10 years I’ve been a public relations manager, doing networking for many different businesses and projects. My job has giving me the opportunity to travel the world and lived in different amazing cities such as Rome, Paris, London, Florence, Milan, New York, and Shanghai. I’ve discovered the magical power that “Il Cibo Buono” has in connecting people and make them feel good! I’m glad to share with you the pages of my Diaries of an Italian Foodie: suggestions and insights about food, wine, restaurants and my “finding joy in the ordinary” lifestyle!

I’m not a chef but I’m a real food lover and my greatest passion has always been to have friends over at home and connect people in front of a glass of wine and some simple dishes… naturally, this tradition let me to my strongest philosophy:

Less is more and delicious!

Big part of this philosophy is due to my Mediterranean culture through which I’ve learned and experienced in my family that eating well is much more simple, less expensive and less complicated than what you think but in the same time it’s something that change the quality of your life!

The only thing you must do is: be careful of what you buy!  Choose always high quality products, preferring local producers and small productions (and this works also for wines); buy fresh and organic ingredients every day (I do not use frozen foods at all), cook it in a simple way (I don’t like processed food), and above all do everything with love J

My blog is not a diary of recipes but rather a food tale, a way of life to promote the simplicity, to stimulate people to notice the beauty of everyday life and invite my readers to try often the pleasure of sharing their home and meals with friends and family!

Eat Well, Travel Often and find Joy in the ordinary…Life is beautiful and with simple ingredients you can make it delicious 🙂

Baci Mu

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