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if you already follow me on IG (merimura80) or FB you might already know that I’m pregnant 🙂 (in fact almost ready to meet my baby). So…sorry for not posting for so long but the last summer I didn’t travel that much (I was in my beautiful Sardinia, Villasimius, for 2 months) and also my social life was very limited (not going out for new restaurants or discovering new champagnes bottles or inviting friends at home).

From now on my blog will change a bit, and maybe you’ll find more sutff related to my mum’s life, but I will never stop travelling and enjoying life, and sharing with you all the beautiful places I discover while living “la dolce vita”

But this post is dedicate to all the #momtobe out there! I don’t want to give you any “medical” advice or a particular diet, mine is just a list of suggestions that might help you on feeling better during these faboulous 9 months of your life!

First of all: you are pregnant not ill! So be ready to be happy and enjoy every single day of this adventure. Of course in 9 month your body will change and sometime it will painful (for your back for exemple or your legs…) but it’s not a drama. Be thankful and proud of your body (and all its changings); think that in 9 months is growing and nourishing another fantastic human being so don’t be afraid if sometime it hurts, but be brave and take it as a temporary challenge that you can overcome with a smile and a positive attitude.

Two – if there isn’t any medical restriction, stay active! Do yoga, pilates (I did pilates for exemple and it heleped me a lot) or simply rember to walk, you can do it slowly, but do it! It will be good for your body but also for your soul and many researches demostrate is good also for the baby’s development

Three – Eat healthy food, don’t eat too much and above all not too many carbs/sugar! I know you have to feed 2 people and you feel hungry and you feel tempted by those big ice cream and chocolate cookies, but be careful. Too much sugar is not even good for your baby; is better if you follow and healthy diet, including a good amount of proteins and a lot of seasonal vegetables and fresh juicy fruit!

Four – Water, water, water! Drink plenty of water, your body will really thank you for that! Your baby needs water (for his amniotic fluid); your skin needs it (and it the first remedy against stretch marks); your circulatory sistem and even your mood, ’cause if you are not enough hidrated you’ll feel more fatigue

Five – don’t spend tons of money for “maternity dresses“! Really…mostly are ugly in any case and they cost more only for a “marketing” reason! Consider that at GAP, for a reasonable price, you can find (even from the basic collection) some very comfortable shirt and soft cotton tees (just buy one size more than yours); the only thing you really need are maternity leggins (not jeans, after the 5th months you gonna hate wearing jeans). The best outfit will be something “sporty” and i’ve found a super cool brand that makes leggings and a jackets that are perfect even after you’ll give birth, check out their page http://kalila.co.uk

Six – stop comparing yourself to other moms and mom to be! I don’t know why but out there is full of women that cannot wait to share with you your experience, their (sometime terrifying) stories and give you tons of advises that “you must follow” ….trust me, just don’t hear it! Every maternity is different, every body (and every belly) is so amazingly unique! So try to enjoy this adventure being confident, trusting your body, being connected with your intuition and your gut feelings; choose a gynecologist that you really like and follow her directions. Don’t talk to much about your pregnancy with people that you don’t know very well, it will give you a useless anxiety and bad energies. This is your “magic moment”, be gentle with yourself, trust yourself, everything wlil be fine 🙂

Seven – write a journal. Above all if it’s your first pregnancy, It’s very helpful to record and remember and “see” all the emotions and different feelings that you will experience in these nine months, how you connect with the baby inside you, what you would like to tell and tech him/her; and also you can collect little “memories” related to this special moment of your life. I do that every early morning and it’s a sort of sacred moment, just for me and my belly

Eight – read some book, not too many (you’ll only get confused). Here my fav (then i’ll share with you some book about parenting): “Up The Duff” by Kaz Cooke, a super useful guide to pregnancy, in the meantime really fun and hilarious – “Mindful Mom-to-Be” by Lori Bregman, a fantastic guide written by a doula, to help us living these 9 months in the most conscious way, also full of practical suggestions for your diet and health; “Magical Beginnings, Enchanted Life” by Deepak Chopra, if you believe in the power of meditation and positive thinking this is an essential; your baby deserve the best energies and vibes you can produce, and you deserve it too.

Nine –  when you are tired rest. Really, your health is the most important thing and if you are healthy your baby will be healthy and happy. Sooooo this might be the right moment in your life to learn to say NO, if you are really not in the mood to do something, and to ask HELP when you feel tired. The last few weeks of your pregnancy (right now for me) is gonna be difficult to sleep all night long, but you can have naps during the day or just rest in your sofa.

Ten – fill you day with good energies and positive vibes! Play a lot of music (your fav playlists and some classic music too), is good for you plus the music is good also for your baby’s brain developement. Don’t read newspaper or watch bad news, there’s nothing you can do about it and it only brings you in a bad mood. Take tons of pics of your belly and your body week after week. If you feel it meditate…i do that, and it’s really a recharging moment for my mind, body and soul (plus if you learn to control your breath it will be super helpful during the labor).

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Baci Mu (and my big belly)

mom to be


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