How (and why) to create a fantastic Breakfast #takeyourtime

Breakfast is a must for me, really is the more important meal of the day,

A healthy breakfast is very important for our health and weight management but also for our mood, ’cause is a 100% me time, a “sacred” moment of transition btw the awakening and the daily rush


Soooo not having it at all and jumping from your bed to the office/gym or whatever is a very bad-sad idea!

Here my suggestions to enjoy it at the most

Plan to take at least 30/45 min, put your fav music on, and then prepare something simple and healthy. While you are having your breakfast don’t read the news (and above all don’t check your emails!!!), remember that it’s a MOMENT FOR YOU, a good moment to feed your mind, body and soul with positive vibes only. You might read a book, a magazine or write down your gratitude journal or set the goals of the day/week/year!

What you should Eat?

First of all i recommend you to start with a glass of warm water and lemon juice (one fresh organic lemon)

Then you can have some fresh fruit, coffee, tea, bread with jam, yogurt and granola, hard boiled eggs, an avocado toast and some nuts, a smoothie if you have time or a fresh squeezed orange juice…and once per week YES you are allowed to eat even a slice of cake (you can find here on my blog few simple  yet delicious recipes) or a croissant! In any case try to eat a little bit of carbs, some protein and some raw fruit. Your breakfast doesn’t have to be “big” or heavy, but nutritious and also a pleasure for your taste. I try to change every day to give my body different tastes and nutrients, and also to make it more interesting. Except for the espresso…that is a life essential 🙂




Remember that starting your morning with breakfast will boost your metabolism; plus a healhty and nutrititius breakfast reduce the risk for starving later during the day (and consequentially eating every junk piece of something that you can find quickly but you didn’t choose consciously).


believe me IT will make a great difference in your health, mood and look!


Have a nice day



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