The Best Apple Cake Ever! Here the recipe #madeinitaly

OK, If you google “apple cake” you’ll find tons of recipes, but this one is literally THE BEST and is pretty easy to make it (like all my recipes in this blog, ’cause i’m not a chef, i’m just a woman who loves to eat well and have good times around the table with my friends)!
A friend of mine gave it to me and is real gift that i want to share with you, because after you’ll try it, you’ll never like (and make) any other apple cake. Currently is the best cake i’ve aver made, and it’s also quite healthy, because the amount of sugar and flour in it is very little (basically is 80% apples, so be sure you are buying a good quality).

No doubts you gonna love it 🙂

Apple Cake

Apple Cake


– flour 150gr
– butter 150gr
– apples (golden) 2Kg
– eggs 2
– lemons 2
– vanillin powder 1gr
– baking powder 16gr
– bread crumbs (just a spoon)

Cut 2 kg of apples into slices in a big bowl
Set aside about 55/60slices to decorate the top of the cake
Meanwhile melt the sugar and the butter in a little pan at “waterbath”
Into the bowl with chopped apples add the juice of two lemons and two whole eggs; the vanillin powder and finally the sugar and the butter melted and mix it all very well. Then add the sifted flour and finally the baking powder.
Prepare a large pan (30cm diameter), butter the tin on the base and sides, then putting on the breadcrumbs that will give the cake a good crust!
Now put all the mixture into the baking sheet and decorate with the slices you keps aside, making concentric circles and bake (preheated oven) at 200C degrees for about 1 hour.
Your fantastic Apple Cake is ready, take it out of the oven and serve it cold with icing sugar over !!!

Apple Cake

Have a nice weekend, baking for your friends and family 🙂





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