Meet the Chef who makes the best pizza in the world: Franco Pepe

After many years searching and trying finally i can tell you…the best pizza in the world is made by Franco Pepe, and i’ve been so lucky to have met him

Best Pizza

Last week i was in Paris at Sial for an event organized by the AIFI DOP, the associations of Italian PDO Cheeses, and they invited Franco Pepe to bring the excellence of these cheeses into his pizza; of course he did an amazing show cooking but on the top of that he gave us the opportunity to know more about what making a good pizza means and also to try his “masterpieces” out of his famous Pizzeria Pepe Ingrani, located in Caiazzo

Best Pizza

Let me tell you more about Franco Pepe. He defines himself as a modern artisan with an old passion for pizza. His skills are based on the experience of three generations of master bakers. Franco Pepe makes his pizzas trying to use mostly the flavors of his region (Alto Casertano) or other italian food excellences and he’s totally focused on guaranteeing the high quality of every single product he use. He is a real “artist” and he’s using his passion about pizza (and all his heart) to promote this part of Campania region and the artisanal food producers with whom he works.

Best Pizza

Franco Pepe’s pizza is the result of continuous research to create a fragrant, tasty and light dough; he has even revived an ancient wheat not produced for 50 years for use in his handmade dough.

Best Pizza

One of the most incredible things is to watch him while he makes the dough, using always a wooden box (which i call the “magic box”), and letting it rise naturally at room temperature.

Best Pizza

Meeting Franco and his pizza is an incredible experience, quite difficult to explain, you can just book a flight to go to Caiazzo (50km from Naples and near by the beautiful Caserta) and get ready to eat the best pizza in the world.

Baci to all the Pizza Lovers out there 🙂


PS: his signature pizza is the Margherita Sbagliata, but my favorite is that one he makes with figues (no mozzarella) and a salty rare cheese on the top…is really really really to die for!

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