Cheeseboard is always a good idea! #saycheese

Today a friend of mine just called me ’cause on Sunday she’s hosting a little party to watch the Oscars and she doesn’t know what to cook, she has not time, etc…in this case the best answer is Cheeseboard!!!


Cheeseboard is always a good idea, indeed! For small or big parties, winter or summer time, there’s nothing easier to make, but in the same time it can be really tasty and unique. Just place it in the center of a big table, with flowers, candles and lots of good bottles of wine and enjoy your party.

I know…milk is not so good for our body, and i try to eat cheese only once per week, but in case of parties we can do an exception, and really i think that there’s nothing that matches better with wine than cheese (plus i’m from Sardinia…i think i’ll be never able to cut cheese from my diet!)



Here below i found a super useful infographic to set the perfect Cheeseboard (stolen from Cabot Cheese My basics rules are: during winter season put a selection of hard/mild cheeses (i LOVE pecorino cheese of course), while on summer time you go for fresh cheeses (mostly from goat) and mozzarella; then always consider on the board something crunchy (nuts, crackers) and something sweet (honey, jam, fresh or dried fruit). I suggest you eventually to keep the cured meat in a separate plate, ’cause your vegetarian friends might not like the mix



In case you want to do a little effort you can make also some bruschetta or get inspired by my selection of “less is more recipes“, all super simple and super good.

Have a nice Oscars party and let’s keep the finger crossed for poor Leo 🙂 🙂 🙂



PS: check my Pinterest “cheeseboard” for more inspirations

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