Minestrone Soup, best #detoxdinner and remedy to warm up a winter night

There’s no other soup for my soul like Minestrone Soup! For me is a simple way feel warmer and relaxed in a winter night, have a tasty detox dinner and eat seasonal vegetables.

Of course, like all my other recipes, is super simple to make it fresh at home but you must buy the best seasonal vegetables and add a very good olive oil. Here below the recipe 🙂

minestrone soup


Minestrone Soup

rule number 1 – don’t mix too many vegetables (or is gonna be difficult to digest it)

rule number 2 – never ever add stock

rule number 3 – use mineral water (not tap)

Ingredients for 4 people

– cabbage 3 leaves

– tuscan kale 4 leaves (as a substitute you can use spinach)

– carrots 2

– celery 3/4 stalks

– pumpkin/squash (you can you potatoes as alternative, but don’t put it together) 8/10 medium pieces

– parsley few leaves

– zucchini 2

– onions half

– lentils 100 gr

– Extra Virgin Olive Oil

– salt

– water

Clean and cut in small pieces all the vegetables. In a large pot pre-heat the olive oil (minimum 3/4 big spoons) and add the sliced onion and the chopped parsley. After a bit add the lentils (better if the lentils soaked in water for at least 6 hours or you can use also the red peeled lentils) and let it cook for few minutes. Then add all the other vegetables (in small pieces) and a spoon of salt; mix it all and wait a minute before adding 2,5 liter of water (room temperature).

Let it cook for minimum 45 minutes. In case add a bit of salt if needed. At this point your Minestrone Soup is ready and you can decide if you want it more creamy (cook it for 5 more minutes).

minestrone soup

Serve it warm, with a bunch of crostini on the top, a tea spoon of fresh olive oil and a bit of grated cheese. Have a good glass of red and enjoy your warm Minestrone Soup #soupforthesoul

Stay warm, stay cozy and enjoy your home sweet home!





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