Magazines for Foodies: TOAST, a celebration of Food&Ideas #eatdrinktoast

Reading reading yessss i’m always reading, books, magazines and Magazines for Foodies (paper version!!!) are my addiction; recently in London i’ve found another “gem”:  “Toast – A celebration of food and ideas”

Magazines for Foodies

Difficult to define it, for sure is not another of those common magazines for foodies, Toast is something more, i’d say a “cultural project” food related.
At the beginning i’ve been catch by the illustrations (of course the Ganesh by Reena Makwana), then I’ve found an interview to the owners of one of my favorite wine bar in London, Mission …. so page after page i totally felt in love for every single article and the Editor’s philosophy; as Miranda York (the founder) wishes, while reading Toast i’ve had a “delicious journey”, indeed.
Magazines for Foodies
Don’t expect to find on Toast restaurant reviews (for that you have Followmu eheheheh), classic recipes or that uberpop (boring) “food porn” images; let’s say that you’ll find “emotional moods” connected with food&drink, cool pictures and beautiful illustrations.
I don’t want to reveal you all the article, but trust me if you love the “cultural side” of gastronomy and you like contributors with a special touch you cannot miss the first issue of Toast, an object to enjoy and collect.
Get inspired and have a nice reading
PS: remember Eat, Drink, Toast…life is made to celebrate 🙂

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