Chocolate Salami Recipe, perfect sweet treat when the cold weather hits #chocolatelovers

Yes baby, cold weather is hitting and it’s the perfect moment to increase our daily chocolate intake with my Chocolate Salami recipe.

Chocolate Salami

My mom used to make Chocolate Salami every year for my birthday party and it has been the first recipe that i’ve learned to cook and made all by myself when i was 8 years old (because didn’t require the use of the fire/oven)!
It’s so simple but if you you use the best ingredients can be delicious and perfect for the whole family; super easy to make and share in the afternoon with the kids or after dinner with your friends.
– Ingredients (for 4 people)
Chocolate Salami
100gr Butter (I always use goat milk butter)
100gr Sugar
100gr Cocoa Powder (the best is by Venchi or Perugina)
100gr Walnuts
150gr Biscuits/Cookies (if i want to create a super chocolate delight i use chocolate cookies! you can also use gluten free/wheat free cookies in case your guests have some allergy)
If you like you can add 2 spoons of Rum to make it more interesting
In a bowl mix (with the mixer or with a wooden spoon) the butter (room temperature) with the sugar; then add the egg and the cocoa powder. When the mix becomes creamy you can put on it the biscuits and walnuts coarsely chopped and, in case, the Rum.
Give to the mix the form of a “sausage” of about 4/5 cm in diameter (or if like to be creative you can make small balls) and wrap it first in a transparent film and, externally, in aluminum foil. Place in the freezer for at least 2 hours.
Take it outside the fridge 20/30 minutes before serving.
The Chocolate Salami is perfect alone or served with a spoon of coconut or vanilla ice-cream and a glass of Cognac or Rum!
All my guests are crazy for it, i hope you’ll enjoy it too
Baci and stay warm


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