Rustic Apple Cake Recipe: Best ‘n Easiest-ever #applecakelove

Ciao my beloved followers,
first post of the year dedicated to the queen of cakes…the Apple Cake! My sister Angela makes the best one and finally during the holidays i’ve stolen her recipe!
Apple Cake
I love her recipe because it’s super tasty (just remember to buy organic and juicy apples) but also quite light, healthy and easy to make; you know, nothing complicate here on my blog, I love and want to share with you only simple recipes, that we can make quickly every day, something delicious but that doesn’t keep us stocked in the kitchen the whole day (cooking for your friends and family must be a pleasure not a sacrifice!!!). In the past 15 years I’ve been trying so many different Apple Cake or apple pie, apple tart recipes, trust me this is definitely the winner (plus is dairy free, yeyeyeyyyy).
– 3 Bio/Organic Apples
– 2 Eggs (free range)
– 150gr Brown Sugar
– 150gr Whole-wheat flour (or Kamut flour)
– 60gr Coconut Oil
– 60gr Evo Oil (Italian)
– 1 Bio/Organic Lemon
– half tea spoon Baking Soda
Separate the yolk from the white and in a large bowl mix, roughly, the 2 yolks with the sugar. Then add the flour, the coconut oil (before you have to melt it of course), the olive oil and the lemon juice and mix it all very well.
In a separate boule whip the whites and when ready add it to the mix. At the end add the baking soda and mix it with a woden spoon.
Put it in the oven, 165Celsius Degrees, for 45 min! While it cooks don’t forget to enjoy the heavenly perfume that spreads in the kitchen 😉
Apple Cake
This Apple Cake can be served as dessert, with a spoon of vanilla ice cream and a glass of sweet wine (as i did) or it’s perfect as a breakfast cake, for sure one slice will be not enough!
Apple Cake
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