Orange Recipes: how to enjoy the best fruit and color of the season #orangemakesmehappy

Orange Recipes

Last weekend we were in Catania and we came back with a lot of perfumed sicilian oranges (yes i’ve filled my suitcase eheheh). You know, i love to use and cook with seasonal product…so here below some of my fav Orange Recipes to make to most of this incredibly rich and healthy winter fruit (no fats at all, lot of vitamins).

Orange Recipes

Orange and Fennel Salad (4 people)
…’cause orange and fennel are the best partner 🙂 Believe me this salad is so easy to make and incredibly tasty!
– 1 fennel
– 2 oranges
– black olives
– mint
– lemon
– extra virgin olive oil
– salt and pepper

Orange Recipes

In a cup mix the olive oil (3 big spoons) with the lemon juice, a pinch of salt and pepper. Slice the fennel and put it in a serving plate; peel and cut the orange and place it on the top of the fennel with the olive. Add on the top the mix of olive oil and lemon and decorate with the mint. You’ll fall in love with the perfume!

Risotto with Oranges and smoked provola (4 people)
– 1 Organic/Bio Orange
– 350 gr Carnaroli Rice
– half small onion
– a glass of White Wine
– 150gr smoked provola
– vegetable broth (1lt more or less)
– salt and pepper

Orange Recipes

Peel and squeeze the orange, keeping the peel and the juice aside. Saute the sliced onion in extra virgin olive oil (or butter if you prefer) until it start browning and take it off. In the same oil add the rice, toast it a bit and then add a full glass of wine. Then add slowly, spoon by spoon the broth and the orange peel. When the rice is almost cooked add the orange juice and the smoked provola. Taste it and adjust the salt (but usually for me the broth makes it salty enough). Mix with a wooden spoon, remove it from the heat and cover it for a minute.
Serve it warm and as a decoration you can add on the top each plate a bit of the orange peel and a gentle touch of pepper.

Aranzadas, a little sweet treat

– 300gr Orange Peel

– 250gr Toasted and sliced almonds

– 350gr Honey (my fav is Eucaliptus)

This is an old recipe from Sardinia, my homeland, it takes a lot of time to be done and you must use very very good BIO oranges, but your friends will love it!

Orange Recipes

Wash and brush very well oranges under running water. Peel them by removing only the orange part of the peel, be careful ‘cause the white part can make everything super bitter. Cut the peel into thin slices and put it in boule filled with cold water; leave it there for 2/3 nights, changing the water twice a day (PS: i suggest you to use mineral water, not tap).
After a couple of days drain the peel and put it in a warm oven (160 Celsius) to dry it well.
In a large skillet put zest and honey on moderate heat, stirring for about half an hour so long as the honey is absorbed almost everything. The orange peels must become transparent and brilliant. At this point add the sliced almonds and mix until you obtain an homogeneous mixture, turn off the heat and fill the cups. Let it cool and enjoy it!



PS: in case you don’t have time to make any of my Orange Recipes just squeezed it and enjoy a fresh juice that will boost you energies and mood in the morning!!!!

Orange Recipes


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