Conscious Eating: a great book on the art of feeding our body and soul #youarewhatyoueat

Since 12 years (above all while i was living in New York) i’ve started reading books about nutrition, healthy food, etc. trying to pursuit an healthy life style; not simply to lose weight but because i’ve understood that an healthier (and happier) life is totally connected with the quality of the food we choose to put, every day, in our plates.
As you know i love to eat, cook and drink with my friends but i’ve learned also to be aware of how i’m feeding and nourishing my body and soul. Unfortunately we are all quite “ignorant” or “not well informed” about the chemistry and the properties of the food we buy and consume and, believe me or not, this is the cause of many problems that affects our bodies (and emotions too).

Conscious Eating


Recently, thanks to a friend of mine, i’ve discover Conscious Eating by Gabriel Cousens, an “enlightening” book, full of informations and insights to help the reader on becoming conscious of how food influences the quality of our lives.
Conscious Eating offers an “holistic” view of how food affects body, mind, spirit and emotions; the thing i liked most is that the author doesn’t want to sell a unique diet but, after giving you all the informations and facts, helps the reader on individualizing his diet. Each of us must find a diet that works for ourselves, because it’s impossible to find a diet that applies to everyone. After reading the book you will realize how creating a diet that works for us is the result of a daily based experiment, using our intelligence and awareness to find the foods and their combinations to have an healthful (and tasty) life!

Often people ask me how a food blogger can be so skinny and healthy…it makes me laugh! Eating healthy it doesn’t mean that you must renounce to tasty food…in fact is the opposite. Since i’ve started being aware and responsible of what i’m eating my diet became more various, interesting, fulfilling and of course healthy 🙂
So I don’t have a diet to share with you but let me give you my suggestions:

– buy organic, seasonal and local: every season has its peculiar products, try to take the most of it; seasonal and organically grown food has more vitamins and minerals and taste better!
– reduce sugar as much as you can
– reduce yeast as much as you can and when you bake at home try to use sourdough starter
– have a lot of “life”/raw-food (fruit and vegetables not cooked or processed)
– try to eliminate all the junk food, refined food (even frozen meals and microwaved food) and canned food
– try to reduce the animal fats and dairy product; i know is difficult…i love fish and i’m addicted to cheese, but we must be careful on not assuming it every day (and every time i can i choose goat milk instead of cow milk)
– reduce alchool, above all spirits and cocktails (full of sugar); a bit of red wine its never too bad
– reduce white flour using instead spelt, quinoa, buckwheat, wild rice and kamut
– remember to take your time to eat…i know, every time the answer is “i’m busy, i need to run, i need to eat fast” but it’s just an excuse; we all have the time to eat, and if you spend 10 minutes more to eat your meal its worthy! Don’t eat in front of the TV or the PC; don’t eat in the subway or while you are walking; seated at the table, paying attention to the food you are introducing in your body, breathing and enjoying its taste and each flavor
– last but not least: have good thoughts! yes, good thoughts, because you can’t accompany a good meal with acid thoughts and then pretend that your body digests well 😉

Remember…we are what we eat!



Conscious Eating


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